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Photo: Kun Woo Ro


Kun Woo Ro

South Korea

Kun grew up in a megacity, the Seoul Capital Area. In his childhood, the only way for him to learn about the Earth was to read books and watch documentaries. Soon he was charmed by giant organisms such as whales, elephants, and trees. This later led him to study forest ecology and visit redwood forests in California as an exchange student. For him, it is a privilege to care for the Earth, as most city dwellers simply cannot get close enough to nature to feel so connected to it. With the Klimawald project, he wants to ensure people not only to learn or study the climate issue but also experience it with their own hands.

Nikunj Pathak


Born and raised in Chhindwara a town situated in the foothills of Satpuda mountains in central India. Nikunj grew up watching Kipling's Jungle Book which was based on the forests of Pench just about 30 miles from his hometown. His interest in ecology began when he first read about the declining tiger population in the forest. This motivated him to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. He worked as a researcher for a few years before moving to Bayreuth for pursuing Masters in Global Change Ecology. After completing studies he wants to utilize newly acquired knowledge and interpersonal skills to bring in positive change in society. For him, Klimawald is not just a project but a place to implement new ideas, design innovative solutions, and initiate efficient actions.

Theresa Landwehr


Theresa was born and raised in Lower Saxony, Germany, where she also did her Bachelor's degree in Geography and Sociology. She's been living in Bayreuth now for 1.5 years, currently doing her Master studies in Global Change Ecology. She is interested in human-environment relations, particularly with regard to climate change perceptions. Theresa says: "Where people of different disciplines, backgrounds and origins come together and are willing to truly listen and learn from one another, great things can happen. And Klimawald Bayreuth is such a place, this is what I especially like about it."

Ahram Chae

South Korea

As a visual artist, Ahram had deep interests in the relation between people and their built environment in urban discourse. She finished her master's degree in public art in Weimar, Germany, after studying contemporary art in South Korea. To her whose background is centered in creative areas, climate change is still something quite new. However, in terms of the matter of justice, the climate crisis is not so much different from what she sees as important in urban issues. As a designer, Ahram is passionate to create fun-looking campaigns for Klimawald Bayreuth, hoping the visual strategies help people get motivated more easily.

Steffen Schwardmann


Steffen is fascinated by social-ecological systems and how the two relate to each other. He wants to find ways to communicate respectfully even if the topic is controversial. He has collected some vital experience in different organizations as an intern, a student assistant, and a volunteer. Now he has decided to contribute what he has learned to continue volunteering in projects that work towards the great turning. His current goal is to work at the intersection of political and global change science. In his podcast Stories of Climate Change Hope he wants to give people the chance to talk about their personal engagement. At the same time, he hopes that other people will discover power for their personal commitment.


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