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Pia Bradler

Germany| since 2021

Pia is particularly interested in the ecological aspects of forestry, in making forests more resilient for future climate and in spreading the word about topics of the natural world. She likes the hands-on approach of the project and is looking forward to working in close exchange with project partners and the wider public. Within the project, she wants to focus on monitoring the success of the planting strategies in the different Klimawald sites and also on using the sites as spaces for environmental education and exchange with the public.


Jana Zeppan

Germany | since 2021

Jana is always on the search for positive and sustainable ideas. She likes being outdoors and enjoys the silence but also the diversity that forests provide. During the course of her studies she learnt not only to understand the impacts of global change but also to find possible solutions to them. And that is exactly why she likes Klimawald: Because the project does not only point at problems but rather provides an active approach and provides an approach to prepare forests for the future. The combination of scientific ideas, working with practitioners, environmental education and including Bayreuth citizens is in her opinion the ideal way to develop and spread sustainable strategies.


Clarissa Schmelzle

Germany | since 2021

Clarissa grew up right on the edge of the forest and enjoys being out in the forest every time. That's why it's a concern to her to preserve the forest in all its diversity in the future. After her Bachelor's degree in International Management, she decided to pursue a Master's degree in Global Change Ecology in Bayreuth because of this fascination with nature. For her, the Klimawald project is a great opportunity, not only to draw attention to the threat posed to the forest by climate change, but also to demonstrate solutions and become active together with the local citizens. Her hope is that the idea of the Klimawald will spread among forest owners far beyond Bayreuth.


Kira Meyer

Germany| since 2021

Kira is always looking for possibilities to actively take part in the fight against climate change impacts. She also wants to establish interdisciplinary approaches that animate people to join her in this endeavour. The reconfiguration and interaction with people are what she thinks is most interesting in this project. In her Bachelor-Studies, a focus was set on the expansion of climate change challenges and their interpretation beyond a solely ecological perception. Instead, societal aspects need to be encountered just as much. Therefore, Kira tries to integrate those aspects into her more specialized Masters programme of Biodiversity and Ecology, leading to the establishment of not only more resilient ecosystems, but also structural changes towards a more sustainable future.



Teresa Landwehr

Germany | Team 2019 - 2022

In November 2018, Theresa and her fellow students Kun, Nikunj and Ahram initiated the „Klimawald Bayreuth“. Since then, the project has gained a lot of attention, broad appeal and national recognition (at least since the award of the "Blauer Kompass 2020" by the Federal Environment Agency). They would never have thought that Klimawald Bayreuth, which grew out of a university seminar on project management, would one day attract such an attention. Theresa is proud to still be an integral part of Klimawald Bayreuth and to contribute to its continuation and development.

Through her studies in Geography, Sociology, Global Change Ecology and Environmental Law, Theresa tries to approach the complex relationships between humans and the environment. With her ability to view the bigger picture, she manages to involve actors from science, civil society and politics in order to find common solutions for the diverse challenges of our time.

In the case of Klimawald Bayreuth, she is not only concerned with preserving the forest with its numerous ecosystem services, but also with communicating them in order to sensitize general public to the multifaceted interactions between forests, climate and humans. For Theresa, Bayreuth's climate forests are above all a place for learning from and with one another.


Steffen Schwardman

Germany | Team 2020 - 2022

Steffen is fascinated by social-ecological systems and how the two relate to each other. He wants to find ways to communicate respectfully even if the topic is controversial. He has collected some vital experience in different organizations as an intern, a student assistant, and a volunteer. Now he has decided to contribute what he has learned to continue volunteering in projects that work towards the great turning. His current goal is to work at the intersection of political and global change science. In his podcast Stories of Climate Change Hope he wants to give people the chance to talk about their personal engagement. At the same time, he hopes that other people will discover power for their personal commitment.


Manuela Zindler

Germany | Team 2020 - 2022

Manuela loves to spend her time outside in nature. Therefore, one of her biggest wishes is to protect nature, which suffers under increasing negative human impacts, and wants to actively contribute to combat climate change. She is convinced that every single person can contribute to protect our nature and climate and wants to motivate people to live their life more sustainably and more climate friendly. By studying Geography in her Bachelor and now studying her Masters Global Change Ecology she could gather a lot of knowledge about the environment and socio-ecological processes, which she wants to apply. Working in the project Klimawald Bayreuth is very important for her, as it combines her two big desires: actively contributing to the protection of our nature and climate as well as to include and inform society.


Sandra Zimmerman

Germany | Team 2020 - 2022

Ever since High School, Sandra felt a deep urge to be a positive change in this world. On the way to finding her purpose, she became a passionate activist who has fought for gender equality in a feminist activist group as well as a turnaround in local transportation politics. It is mainly her volunteering work - her true passion -  through which she gains the strength and motivation to not give up on this planet, yet. After finishing her studies in environmental engineering, Sandra moved to Bayreuth in order to do her Master’s in Global Change Ecology and Environmental Law as a foundation for a hopefully meaningful career in her life. The Klimawald, to her, was the perfect opportunity to contribute to a positive change in this world. Especially as it was the local forests that made her fall in love with Bayreuth. Maintaining these for future generations is a true honor.


Selina Scheer

Germany | Team 2019

Selina has been very interested in the state of the environment and a sustainable way of life since her school days. Especially her time in nature makes her aware again and again of how important an intact environment is and how thoughtlessly mankind treats it. That is why Selina has been involved in environmental organizations since her bachelor's degree, informing people about the value of the environment and the threats it faces from humans. In her Master Global Change Ecology, Selina heard about the climate forest project and was immediately interested in supporting the project. She likes the idea of doing something for nature and against the climate crisis, but also of involving society in order to raise awareness about the importance of the forest for climate change.


Lorina Ivanova

Bulgaria| Team 2020

Pursuing her master’s degree in Environmental Geography, Lorina wants to complement her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics and Management after living in a metropolitan area with increased levels of CO2 and disturbed ecosystems. The in-depth study of nature, its functions, and its protection make her understand the universal processes and how the environment is fighting for its balance. Joining the Klimawald Bayreuth occurs to be achieving one of her goals - to be part of a team, discussing new ideas and environmental problem-solving.


Ahram Chae

South Korea | team 2019

As a visual artist, Ahram had deep interests in the relation between people and their built environment in urban discourse. She finished her master's degree in public art in Weimar, Germany, after studying contemporary art in South Korea. To her whose background is centered in creative areas, climate change is still something quite new. However, in terms of the matter of justice, the climate crisis is not so much different from what she sees as important in urban issues. As a designer, Ahram is passionate to create fun-looking campaigns for Klimawald Bayreuth, hoping the visual strategies help people get motivated more easily.


Kun Woo Ro

South Korea | team 2019

Kun grew up in a megacity, the Seoul Capital Area. In his childhood, books and documentary films were the only way for him to get to know the earth. Soon he was fascinated by giant organisms such as whales, elephants, and trees. This later led him to study forest ecology and visit redwood forests in California as an exchange student. For him, it is a privilege to be able to take care of the earth, as most city dwellers simply cannot get close enough to nature to feel so connected to it. With the Klimawald project he wants to achieve that people not only learn or study about the climate issue but experience it with their own hands.


Nikunj Pathak

India | team 2019

Born and raised in Chhindwara a town situated in the foothills of Satpuda mountains in central India. Nikunj grew up watching Kipling's Jungle Book which was based on the forests of Pench just about 30 miles from his hometown. His interest in ecology began when he first read about the declining tiger population in the forest. This motivated him to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. He worked as a researcher for a few years before moving to Bayreuth for pursuing a Master's in Global Change Ecology. After completing studies he wants to utilize newly acquired knowledge and interpersonal skills to bring in positive change in society. For him, Klimawald is not just a project but a place to implement new ideas, design innovative solutions, and initiate efficient actions.



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