Klimawald knowledge

Tree species selection at Klimawald 1.0


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Here you can find valuable information for the selection

of climate resilient tree species:

Traffic light system at waldwissen.net


Science article on the current challenges

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Natural regeneration and survival rates at Klimawald 1.0

On our planted sites the survival rates of the seedlings and natural regeneration should be monitored regularly to contribute to the ongoing research on climate change adapted tree species. This is for example done within Bachelor or Master thesis.

One year after planting the survival rates of the planted trees was almost 90 percent. Details can be observed in the figure.


Natural regeneration also offers enormous potential for forest conversion, with about 50,000 saplings per hectare. However, it is to be expected that they will largely consist of tree species that are not or poorly adapted to climate change. Therefore, the combination of natural regeneration and artificial enrichment with alternative tree species is recommended for forest practice.

Bachelor thesis Sophia Fenninger, supervisor Gregor Aas